Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday is My FUN Day!- Dichroic Glass Pendants

More Metal-smithing projects-
I got to work with Dichroic glass in Metalsmithing. Not something I ever expected to do.

These two pendants are my first projects working with bits of glass and melting it into one piece with a kiln.
They are not bad for the first glass projects I've ever done, however, my later glass pendants are much more attractive and interesting. It's definitely a learning curve, and I've just begun.

I wish this was something I could do regularly, but both the glass and the kiln are EXPENSIVE. I'd love to get better at it. I know that these are not fantastically cool pendants, but I like 'em. =)
My intention is to bead these into necklaces and sell them. I'll post again, when I have them beaded and ready to sell.

Look forward to seeing you at Farmer's Market!

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