Sunday, May 16, 2010

Farmer's Market- First Day!

We made it to Farmer's Market today!


And it was a lovely day! The forecast was for rain, but it was sunny and pretty through most of the day.
We saw friends, sold stuff, ate yummy food, and had fun. =)

Until the end of the day.
About an hour before closing clouds started rolling in.
And then, Five minutes before closing huge gusts of wind started hitting the Market.

We were so lucky. Really, we were incredibly blessed- every time one of the really bad gusts would hit our tent someone was standing right there who could help us by holding it down.
Two other venders lost tents- their legs got bent and messed up. One of the tents actually flipped over and fell on top of another one. Scarey stuff!

The pottery guild lost several pieces- the wind blew them right off their shelves. And another friend lost some of her fabric pins. Another friend's daughter had a really bad asthma attack- I'm hoping to hear that she is okay soon. I had eye problems from the dirt and dust off the parking lot, but no asthma.

Our earring rack flew right off the table, but we didn't lose any earrings or the rack... Again, we were incredibly blessed, 'cuz we could have lost many things. A couple of our boards went over, but neither the boards or the pieces on them were damged.

Plus I'm thankful we forgot our new sign. It would have been hanging pretty loosely, kind of jury-rigged, 'cuz we don't have it completely hang-ready. One of us or somebody walking by probably would have gotten conked.

Also, last minute decision- we decided not to put up our walls. Thank you, God! It would have turned our tent into a sail...

So many bad things could have happened, and they didn't. Overall, it was a wonderful day, even with the last crazy half-hour. I am so glad we got to go!!!

Hope to see you at the Market!

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