Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Some Pictures of Becca's Jewelry

Earth Shake Bracelet

Gecko Forest Necklace

Carribean Shores Bracelet

Jasper Wishes Necklace

Bloom Where You Are Planted Earrings

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Unknown said...

Hello Rebecca,
It's me Helenmarie Matesi from U of A metalsmithing. I am not enrolled in classes this semester and am wondering if you are doing any bazaars? I am looking to share a table with someone at the Lutheran church Bazaar which has good traffic and is the same day as the U of A women's ( which most of the students are showing at). Are you interested? It's $40/table which is reasonable on Nov. 5 A friend did very well there last year. My telephone # is 4749667. I no longer have your email, mine is