Saturday, May 17, 2014

Farmer's Market Bazaar

The Farmer's Market season has begun up here in Fairbanks!
We've had a wonderful early and warm spring and I am so looking forward to seeing familiar faces after the long cold winter.

We start tomorrow and will be going until August.  We take our jewelry most Wednesdays and Saturdays- in fact, we rarely miss. 

See you there!


Andi Reid said...

Hi there,

I've tried to send you a message on etsy but I'm not sure it worked, it's my first time. I'm trying to purchase a bracelet you had at the farmers market yesterday which would be July 16,2016. My daughter fell in love with a copper bracelet that had leaves embossed and red beads.
I'm leaving on Tuesday to go back home to Canada and hoped I could pick it up before then. Please email or call me to let me know if this is available. Thx

Andi Reid

Andi Reid said...

Hi again,

Not sure if you got my reply yesterday, wondering if you still had the blue bracelet as well? Also do you take credit card or cash? I'm good meeting you at 1:45, should I go in or meet you outside?please let me know how much I owe you so I have enough if you only take cash.

Andi Reid