Saturday, June 05, 2010

Friday is My Fun Day!- Leafy Copper Bracelets

I am delighted to show these bracelets off!
They were fun to make...
First and most importantly, I chose metal that had already been worked with and aged. Each of these pieces had been worked with and then discarded. I loved the texture and images already embedded in the metal.

Then I heated the copper to make it malleable. I chose leaves and ran the metal and the leaves through the rolling mill.

(A rolling mill is the tool I covet the most from our shop at school. Yes, I want a torch, but I WANT a rolling mill in a really bad way. The cheapest good one I've found was around $500. It's gonna be a while before I have one...)

Next, I soaked the pieces in liver of sulphur to age and darken the leaf impressions.
After the liver of sulphur bath, I sanded the surface to lighten the raised metal.

Then I drilled holes on the sides. After speaking to an artist on Etsy I used clear finger-nail polish to coat the backs of the bracelets. Copper has a tendency to turn skin green when worn repeatedly, but the clear nail polish will prevent the copper from touching skin.

Finally, I took them home and beaded them, which was a blast! I wanted a heavy, rich appearance so I mixed chain in with vibrant glass beads and luscious stones.

I created the green bracelet specifically for me, but the red and blue one are both for sale!

Take a peak down at Farmer's Market on College Rd. in Fairbanks or on Etsy.
Also, for more shots of these bracelets look over here:


Heather said...

This is really nice! I love copper. I am following you! I know how exciting it is when people come and read your blog. Nothing is great about talking to a giant empty space wondering who is out there!! LOL

Unknown said...

Hi do my mom leave her cc after she bought a beautiful blue necklace from you at the farmers market last week. Thanks. Debra