Saturday, November 21, 2009


Today we were at JoAnn's!
Yes, the store.
They were trying something new- having a craft bazaar inside the store.
The only catch was we could only set out items we'd made from JoAnn's products. A good idea actually. We had a couple people ask what we used, and we were able to encourage them to try out JoAnn's stuff. Plus, people could see you can make really cute and unusual jewelry with what's available right there in the store.
We didn't make very much money, but they didn't charge us anything to set up. So, hey. No outlay, just income. =)
I sold 2 things and Beth sold one.
Not bad for a day we would have otherwise spent at home.

Look for us next weekend at Pioneer Park/Alaskaland!!! We'll be there Saturday and Sunday.

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